Chloe (strip poker)

Sexy Sarah  

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Game: Strip Poker

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Also available for: Strip4

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Game: Strip4

Pose: rating

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members comment
avatar Heimdall
02/02/2013 10:57:05
Hurrrrrrrrraaaaaaaaaahhhh, goile Sau ( war nich b?s gemeint ) marry me pleeeeeease :D

avatar coolisthat
03/03/2013 20:09:46
She is the best girl

avatar troukipu
13/05/2013 18:08:23
another cold eastern girl. ending is quite good but rest of the game is boring.

avatar misc
08/08/2013 12:50:38
I have to agree with Eccy75. I am not poker god, but I still get the distinct impression that the game is rigged against the player. Games take too long and/or are too frustrating due to astonishing prescience and luck of the opponents. A game against one opponent often takes to long. I have attempted games vs 4 opponents on a few occasions and never ever beaten the game. If you want to try this, leave aside 6 hours at least and expect to lose in any case. The majority of people simply do not have this kind of time to waste on a regular basis, and this is bound to impact on your product sales. For this and other reasons, although having just topped up my tokens, when these tokens are gone, so am I. I realise that this is not an appropriate and rather public place to post this, but I have searched the website and not been able to find any way of providing feedback. My feedback will therefore be simply to vote with my feet.

avatar CRICRI93800
17/08/2013 12:57:18
pourquoi il n'y a pas plus de filles pour sexy belote toujours les meme

avatar ofas668
16/09/2013 22:43:26
anybody know her last name?

avatar orangesuite
24/04/2014 02:26:20
Playing Chloe in the version she is in on eventually lead me to uplay-istrip. Overall the clips in this game are short and they do not run in a loop like the strip poker game Chloe is in on mycandygames. Strip 4 is a little better, but still hoping future girls have longer and better video clips as well as a loop in between. The version on mycandygames is clearly the same video, just playing longer clips and running a loop in between. Video hilo stripper also does a good job with this, but I have not found a buying version of the game, only live online.

avatar Dvdbarrett
28/10/2014 15:27:43
name of this girl

avatar suscr
29/09/2015 22:33:39
Viktoria Sweet